Ballycross Apple Farm


Extract from Wexford Archives ( please excuse the spelling mistakes , This piece was not written by Ballycross Apple Farm)


Baile na Croise equates to Town or place of the cross, located at Bridgetown Co Wexford and associated family names were Rowe, Furney, Hughes, Quirke, Clkiffe, Stewart, Cummings and Von Engelbrechten

Is in the townland of Ballycross Location is S997 091 South West of Bridgetown Village, over the bridge and turn right The oringinal home was demolished in 1948 where a later house now stands on the site and is inhabited. It is a working farm which includes extensive apple orchards commercially operated.

Originally Ballycross was an outstanding 3 storey five bay mansion with a large garanite Plillared porch and special features such as a very fine staircae and mahogany doors, In or around 1863 Thomas Lacy refers to as the seat of one John Rowe esquire and a very fine residence. He went on to descrive the mansion as a large square vuilding of comparitively recent erection and of ample proportions, surrounded with ornamental pleasure grounds enriched with fine plantations.


The present home incorporates some of the original features and stands beside a large and pleasant yard of excellent outbuildings such as stables, cow houses and other buildings. Which today house said animals and others.




The Rowe family settled the area in the middle of the 17th century and were granted the neighbouring property of Ballyharty ( q.v.) The OLD Ballycross house was built c 1840 by John Rowe, who was an adventurous landowner and he reclaimed hundreds of acreage of submerged lands around Ballyteigue. He owed upward of 8000 acres, Rowe street in Wexford bearing his name today. On John Rowes death in c1875, the house was reputed to be left to his wife who was nee Bolton of the Island Co Wexford. Furney family records indicate that their family lived there in the later 19th century, moving between this house and Hill Castle and being still in residence at up to around 1901 at Ballycross or later. The Furneys were connected to the Leared family of Juliamount and GLenville. Frederick Hughes occuppied the house from 1905-1922, and felt obliged to leae due to the Civil war activities in the area. Another family connection a Mr. Stewart lived there and he married a Misse Deane Drake . Local folk lore says that the house was once occupied by Commander Cummings who specialised in pig breeding. After the house was demolished in 1948 a new dwelling was built around the servant quarters, This accidently burnt down and was rebuilt by the Von Engelbrechten family who came from Germany, this is the family who has established the very brilliant and productive apple farm and animal farm at Ballycross.

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