Ballycross Apple Farm

Sadly Passed away in Foal 2014

Farm FAQ

What do we wear for a visit to Ballycross Apple Farm?

Dress warm: Raincoats and wellies are always useful, remember you are in the country.Please wear suitable footware if you want to do our trails . Proper walking shoes  or wellies with good base grip are advisable.


Late summer/ autumn we have been lucky most years with the weather, so you can enjoy the courtyard by having your coffee and waffle in the lovely surroundings.


To extend our season and for the comfort of our visitors, we have added an outside canopy with heating so you should be quite snug to enjoy the season with us.



Can I feed the Animals?


We would prefer if the animals are not fed with anything other than apple cores. In the event that you have brought food for the animals, please make sure that the food is suitable by asking a staff member for approval. Please ensure that all plastic food carrier bags and containers are not allowed to fall into the animal area's as this could be dangerous for the animals.


There's a wide variety of animals also for the children and adults to check out . Please note that children should be supervised at all times especially if they are not used to being around animals and please note signage that is pinned up around the farm.




Can I buy lunch at Ballycross Apple Farm?


We do not have a restaurant, but we have a waffle and savoury Crepe bar. You can enjoy our homemade waffles with a selection of seasonal fresh fruit toppings and ice cream with a coffee.

As we cater largely to children under the age of 11, paper cups and plates are used but do not let that distract you for what's on offer. Everything is made fresh , you can watch the girls prepare the waffle and crepe mixes , they are delicious and a big hit with all our customers.


Our seating area is for our food /beverage customers only, we do not allow picnics in the courtyard.



Please Respect our Farm:


Please remember that this is a family home. No planting or trees are to be broken to feed the animals and please remember to avoid excessive noise as this can frighten some of the pets. If you must bring your own pet, they must be kept on a lead at all times.


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