Ballycross Apple Farm

What's New?

What's New 2017


On going refurbishment of farm buildings , Extension of Rabbit run with new planting

More work to the witch's cottage which will happen later in the year.


Addition of an extra pottery workshop, The ceramic Fairy Door workshop. Small pottery decorations available to paint every weekend. Choice of Butterfly , Rabbit Head or an egg. new decorations will be added through the season.



Whats new 2016


Rabbit Run ,The witches Cottage has been improved so you can look inside this year and see how the witch lives.

Addition of extra Pottery workshops. Christmas Angel Teaight Holder And Pumpkin Tea lightholder .




What's new 2015



New paddocks with animal houses for the emus and alpacas. Some new little animals for the new little window hutches. We have two new Mules . Also a new pedal go cart track for older children.The witches cottage. straw hut


The Fairy House Creramic Workshop







This year we are adding more animals, an extra trail and petting area ,out door hand wash area and a new entrance area with new car parking. Our wooden walkway between the chicken pens has been extended to take in new paddocks for our new animals Emus, Alpacas and hopefully some deer in the near future. We also have added to our birds with Cockateils, a Red Rump Eastern Rosella and of course our usual budgies.



We have added a toddler play room (under the Canopy in the log Cabin)


There are 5 large outdoor blackboards for children to draw on.(Ask in the shop for Chalk)


The Apple Maze has been upgraded with lovely handpainted farm scenes around the exterior with various cut out faces for children to pose and have their photos taken.


We have added 12 childrens ride on tractors of various sizes for kids to ride on in and around the courtyard area.




Ballycross is also providing some hand made crafts such as jewellery and other clay crafts for those that wish to take home something special. All crafts are made by Elizabeth Cash von Engelbrechten.



2013 Change to our shop layout:


We have moved the apple produce shop into the back processing area so our customers can view the machinery we use during the week to grade, bottle and label juices and also grade the apples.



We have also re-arranged our gift shop with children's toys downstairs and general giftware upstairs.



Tractor Rides to Pick ypur own pumpkins at Halloween



2012 started Horse and cart rides throuh the farm.



Paddy and Bobby our two new horses, they are brothers . Paddy's job is to pull a hay trailer. Paddy and the trailer with Christian at the reins will be doing trips around the farm . Bobby is still young and a stallion but eventually he will be helping Paddy pull the trailer.
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