Ballycross Apple Farm

Down on the Farm



As you enter the farm, you will drive down a long avenue and at the end you will see the entrance to the farm. A large apple signifies the entrance to the shop and grounds.

You will first enter the farm shop where all our apples and juices etc. are on sale .The farm shop area also doubles as our apple and juicing area where all our apples are sorted and boxed and our juices are made. You are seeing full traceability for the product you buy when you purchase Ballycross products.


To the right you will see a door to the gift shop , children's items down stairs with more gift ware items up stairs. A new range of handmade clay bead jewellery put together with a selection of glass and crystal beads , also some ceramic pieces including our very own Fairy House pieces designed and made by Liz von Engelbrechten, please visit 'LoVE Ceramics' on Face book for a look at items available in the shop.


On entering the farm, You will first enter our lovely stone courtyard where you will see a variety of animals in their stables. You can also enjoy our outdoor seating for the waffle and crêpe bar (There is also some seating in side in the gift shop area for those of you not wishing to enter the farm and would like something from the Waffle and Crêpe Bar)


From the courtyard you can enter the farm trails or join in the animal feeding, Start time approximately 1.30pm to 2pm followed by Pony rides .



Visitors may also take a horse drawn trailer trip to get a glimpse of the farm if you are not up for walking the trails. Start time 4pm.


Also you can enjoy our freshly baked waffles and crêpes served with a variety of sweet  or savoury fillings and toppings.


Freshly baked products and sandwiches are also available.


Sandwiches for children are available on request.



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