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Ballycross Apple Farm open from 15th March 2015.


A visit to Ballycross Apple is a visit to a REAL working farm, unlike other open farms that are purpose built. The Farm and its buildings are constantly being maintained and upgraded for our customers to enjoy.


Ballycross Apple Farm is based in Bridgetown Co. Wexford, It has been called a 'Hidden Treasure' and with our beautiful stone courtyard, horses heads bowing in and out of their stables, the chirping of birds and the wafting smell of home baked waffles, it is a perfect place to enjoy an afternoon with your family.


You can see animals in their paddocks or housed in the courtyard in their pens.


The farm itself is kept as natural as possible to allow people to enjoy Nature at its best through our pains takenly hand built trails which cover the entire farm. You can view the river, canal, orchards and other beautiful areas of the farm full of wild flora and fauna. Over the years we have invested alot in the farm. We will continue to offer more activities for children but the onus of our farm is its natural beauty with the trails themselves being a landscape playground to encourage children's imagination and to appreciate Nature in its unspoilt form.


The Farm trails vary from relatively good surface to being quite rugged, but there is a trail for all customers and all ages. Buggies are not recommended but in drier weather Customers have informed us that certain trails are easily done.


We encourage a very informal atmosphere where people meet and chat and where kids make new friends. Our Waffle and Crepe Bar is extremely popular . The farm shop is packed with a selection of different varieties of apples and of course our homemade apple juices. We also stock our own excellent chutney and honey and we also stock jams and some complimentary items.



Admission :

Free entry to the Farm shop and Gift shop area for customers only wishing to purchase items. Also some indoor seating is available for those not wishing to enter the farm but would like a waffle or coffee.


Farm Admission fee to courtyard with animals and Farm trails:


Adults €3.50 and children €2.50


Family rate for 2 adults and 4 children of €15


Season passes: See 'Whats new in 2014' content page


Farm opening times : Saturday and Sunday from 12pm to 6pm


Winter openings times:from Saturday 1st November 12pm to 5pm









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